Bowen is a non-invasive, healing therapy targeting specific muscles and tendons throughout the body.
These are a few issues that may be helped or resolved with Bowen;

Muscle atrophy
Tight, sore and painful backs
Uneven or disunited gait
Changes in performance
Uneven wear of shoes
Tightness in the quarters or shoulders
Blocking through an area
Sluggish lymphatic system
Change in temperament or nappiness
Weakened immune system
Canter lead problems
Sore withers
Respiratory & Digestive problems
Stiffness on one rein
Bucking & Rearing
Refusing to jump

22 year old Neo has enjoyed his
Bowen sessions for over 15 years
Full Body Balance

The therapist performs a number of gentle moves over specific muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moves are interspersed with a period of rest, which allow the horses' brain to process the information and begin the healing process.
The body performs its own healing,  re-aligning the itself, and thereby allowing normal function to resume.
The key to the Bowen Technique is subtlety .....  by slowly and gently allowing the tissue to change under the therapists hand, the body (horse, human, dog etc) accepts and understands where in itself it needs to change, even though it seems that the therapist does less than with other modalities.

Bowen with Lotty Merry
Lotty has treated my horse Uniek II (Cadbury) and myself for 8 years now and I know for sure that without her we would not have the success we have today with out her and Bowen.
Our practice is Dressage and we are competing at Advanced Medium hoping to get selected next year for the junior GB team. Lotty has worked with both Uniek and I which in itself has been beneficial to correct any issue at source. Uniek, like every horse is dominant to one side and Lotty helps him to become straight and supple and also helps with his forwardness! I have my own issues, after a knee injury from school and having no luck with scans and specialists in finding a way which would eliminate or at least reduce the pain I was prepared to try anything. But since I've seen Lotty, Bowen has reduced the pain dramatically and I'm now able to walk and ride with no pain at all. I only see Lotty once a month and it can vary to being even longer at times and Uniek only sees her when he's stiff or has had a demanding couple of weeks of work and shows. I honestly would never recommend anything else as highly as I do Bowen. It's become a necessity in my horses comfort and for my own and it makes my everyday life a lot easier!
Chloe Smith  - ( now qualified as a Human and Equine Bowen practitioner - and Cadbury has been retired from competitive work)

Client Testimonial
"I have a 16.2hh TB x ID Gelding 12yrs. He has a long history of back problems. He has been treated by chiropractors for years. All chiropractic treatments helped at the time but did not last

I contacted Lotty to see if she could help. At the first treatment session she found his right tuba coxae (hip) had rotated forward by about one and a half inches. She managed to re-align him in one session. After three sessions I started to long rein him and after a few weeks began riding him. He now has a treatment every two months to keep an eye on him. He is now competing in dressage competitions and won a class and was placed in another a few weeks ago."
Owner Ros Coombs - (now qualified as a Bowen Therapist).

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