Equine Bowen Therapy training

Training includes how to assess the horse, firstly by observing it, then palpating it, followed by performing the full Equine Bowen Treatment.

Case studies, to include 10 different horses between Level One and Three. 
Between Level Three and Five another 10 horses, this set will include 3 of their riders.

The stable environment; horse handling, care and yard safety, particularly when being treated. 

Liaising with the vets, and other professionals involved with the treatment of your clients horse.

Anatomy & Physiology,  structure of the horse, how particular muscles act with the skeletal system and impact on the horses function and movement.

Lower Leg Dissection - we will dissect a horses lower leg, this will give you the insight you need to really appreciate the tissues and structures beneath the skin, and how the tendons work so closely together.  It will also show you the mechanics within the hoof, and why balance in the foot, leg and body is paramount. 
(this part is optional if you are very squeamish, though students do highly recommend it)

Gait and locomotion, observing the way the horse moves, both on the lunge and with a rider.

How Equine Bowen effects the horse and rider, we shall have sessions where we observe the horse and rider before and after a Bowen treatment.

Julia Garrett - Saddle fitting
Julia will be give a lecture and demonstration on fitting saddles, and how to recognize an ill fitting saddle. This will include a lot of hands on for you and some interesting facts on flocking and balance.

Toby Lee / Henry Bilson - Equine Dentistry
Henry or Toby will give a lecture and demo on dentistry. Showing how the inside of the horses mouth has such an important part to play, in the whole body balance.

Nikki Stephens - Getting horses fit
Nikki will give a fascinating lecture on training various types of horses, inc Dressage, Eventers & Racehorses. She will help to give an insight into the problems and injuries horse owners face when training and competing. With more years of experience than even she would care to recall, including competing, breaking and training. Nikki rides both shod and barefoot horses, in treed and treeless saddles so can give a view on both, she currently has about 50 horses in her care.

Lindsay Cotterell - Equine Podiatry
Lindsay will demonstrate trimming and foot balance, giving the pros and cons of barefoot trimming and how to condition the barefoot horse, he will also help us asses movement and show how foot balance will affect other areas of the horses structure.

Lorraine Sealey - Equine Communication
Just what are they thinking??  Lorraine gives another avenue of exploration, giving us an insight to how the horse communicates its thoughts through her.  Although there are many who dismiss this, once you actually see her work, suddenly things come to light that only the horse and its nearest human could ever know ..... I've been blown away on so many occasions now!!

The good, the bad and the ugly, we take you through various conformation points and explains how and why some defects will effect movement, wear & tear on joints and longevity.
Looking at the horse in specific areas and also as a whole.

An insight to nutrition, why the feeds being given may be leading to particular behaviour or condition problems. 

Preparing your clients, a range of stretch exercises and strengthening techniques to suggest to your clients. This will include the safe way to stretch a horse and some simple exercises.

Business matters, especially yours! How to go about telling the world you are here, PR, leaflets, cards, website, talks etc. What you should carry in your car. 

Exam: There will be a written and practical exam at the end of the course.  Assignments will also be set between Levels.

Requirements: You will need to complete the 1st three days of Human Bowen training before starting the equine course. You must also qualify in Human Bowen before you will be allowed to qualify in Equine Bowen.

In order to be registered and listed on the website you will need to have a current 1st Aid cert, personal liability and professional indemnity insurance and complete 2 CPD days per year, (for the first  2 years, one of these days must be with the RFCES and the other with a relevant professional - farrier, vet, EP, dentist etc).


"A Fab course, full of information, suited for different levels of experience.
Lotty's passion is a fantastic incentive to join this course, if in doubt just do it - you won't regret it."
Hefina Evans - Sept 2016 Level 5

"Fantastic course - good mix of theory and practical, all delivered in an engaging way.  Lots of work for the case studies & assignments to make you really know your stuff when you are learning."
Lucy Cross - Sept 2016 Level 5

"The course covers an extensive amount of knowledge & skills, you learn so much and still it just scratches the surface - so much more to learn!  Good facilities & Lotty knows everything, except where to buy Caramac Buttons (though she has since found them!)."
Lucia Yonge - Sept 2016 Level 5

"Rose Farm provides a fun and incredibly informative environment.  Lotty, and the speakers that visited us, showed a new perspective & approach to horses that is unique.  From leg dissections to watching thousands of ponies move, thank you for teaching me so many more things than just Equine Bowen! :)"
Chloe Smith - Sept 2016 Level 5

"Hard work, but have learnt so much and really enjoyed the process"
Pippa Perry - Sept 2016 Level 5

"Well organized supportive training in a fun & friendly environment.  I feel well prepared to begin my journey as an Equine Bowen Therapist.  Thank You! :) "
Kate Eldridge - Sept 2016 Level 5

"Really enjoyed it all, have learnt an awesome amount, I am blown away by some of the more unexpected great results of Bowen on my case study horses.
Can't wait to make this part of my working life and help lots more lovely, deserving horses :)   Thank You!"
Kerry Smith - Sept 2016 Level 5

"I had such a great time on my part 1 course. 
An amazing start to my Equine Bowen journey, I am so excited with my new knowledge and enlightenment with regard to the new chapter I am about to embark on.
Thank you Lotty :) Can't wait to get practicing!"
Emma Lander - Sept 2016 Level 1

"Thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this course. 
A good mix of theory and practice. 
Plenty of different horses to practise on. 
Well organized and fun, Thank you :)"
Mandy Denyer - Sept 2016 Level 1

"I had a great time, & learnt a lot.
Lotty is a great teacher and her love for the horses is inspiring."
Ken McCreery - Sept 2016 Level 1

"Awesome course, enjoyed it very much & look forward to the next one and starting my case studies.  Great atmosphere & Lotty's enthusiasm makes it all the more fun."
Lucia Yonge - Sept 2015

"Looking forward to the next course :) "
Kerry Smith - Sept 2015

"Have really enjoyed the course - loads of information, but presented in an engaging way.  Good mix of different info plus classroom & practical.  Can't believe how fast the time has flown past, can't wait to get home and practise."
Lucy Cross - Sept 2015

"Had a fantastic 4 days, Learning is light hearted and fun, but you are still able to run through loads of info!"
Chloe Smith - Sept 2015

"Intense, but really enjoyable course. Already feel like I've learnt so much, can't wait for Level 2"
Pippa Perry - Sept 2015

"Lots of content - bit overwhelming right now, but as I get more learning & confidence I expect this to feel better.
Many many thanks - very exciting times ahead"
Beccy Dunn - Sept 2015

"Very straight-forward course.  You are put at ease immediately by Lotty, and feel you can discuss anything relating to the course.  Never felt rushed and all learning was clear and easily understood."
Kirstie Diprose - April 2014

"Really loved the way Lotty teaches, very inspiring & good attention to detail.  Would not change anything.  Informative and totally inspiring.  I totally look at a horse in a completely different way.  The course itself gave us the confidence to go out alone and treat.  I cannot wait to qualify and start treating horses full-time.  Very excited!! Thanks Lotty :)"
Tiz Coombs - March 2014

"A friendly, informative style of teaching, it has been really useful to get the opportunity to work with various ponies and conditions during the lessons.  The great speakers are informative, approachable and give more detailed knowledge of various subjects needed to become a more rounded practitioner."
Deb Norris - March 2014

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