Bowen is a unique, fascial release therapy, originated by Tom Bowen in Australia during the 1950's. 

Tom had a particular skill of observing people, using gentle, targeted moves over specific muscles, tendons and ligaments, his treatment would allow the body to initiate a change within.

The move itself is critical in its delivery, allowing the body to understand the question asked of it, interspersed by breaks between certain moves which allow the body to process and action the information received.

Tom treated many people, horses and dogs with amazing effects, and his legacy has been passed down and is now a therapy you too can enjoy learning and using with the same effect.

Equine Bowen treatments are a wonderful way of helping the horse to realign within.  The horses' body understands the information given and self adjusts, re-establishing balance internally and externally, enabling it to correct function and improve movement. 

Therapists are taught within their training to watch not only the horse, but also the rider during movement, as the presenting issue may be created by either party.  And whilst, as therapists we are never allowed to diagnose a condition, by assessing both individually and also as a combined unit, symmetry irregularities can be observed and a treatment plan created including follow up exercises and stretches.

The world of fascia (connective tissue) is still fresh in the eyes of many, whilst others have understood and explored this network for years. 
A little like the internet, everyone knows it's there, and how the information works for them, but thinking how, in the blink of an eye, your message goes from your handheld device in your home, to someone on the other side of the World and back with an answer now that's fascinating - this is along the lines of your nervous system and how it responds to touch, and why Bowen Therapy is so wonderfully effective!!

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